Thermal Acoustic Insulation

Thermal Acoustic Insulation applied to the ceiling of an industrial building

Fully Insulate Your Facility with High-Quality Thermal Acoustic Insulation from Bay City

If noise and temperature control are a concern for your facility, proper insulation will help resolve any problems you might have. However, rather than deciding between thermal or acoustic insulation, why not have both? At Bay City Inc., we provide expert installation for all types of thermal acoustic insulation products. Whether looking to achieve greater energy efficiency or wishing to keep your facility’s interior quiet, Bay City has you covered! Call today to ask about our top-rated thermal acoustic insulation.

What is Thermal Acoustic Insulation?

Thermal acoustic insulation is a specialized type of insulation designed to reduce heat transfer and suppress noise within a structure. It is composed of materials that offer resistance to thermal energy flow and sound transmission, thus enhancing energy efficiency and creating quieter indoor environments. This type of insulation is commonly used in spaces such as residential complexes, office buildings, and industrial structures, where maintaining a controlled temperature and reducing noise intrusion are significant considerations. It can be applied to various structural elements, including walls, ceilings, and floors, providing a comfortable and serene indoor atmosphere.

What are the Benefits of Thermal Acoustic Insulation?

  • Energy Efficiency – By resisting the flow of thermal energy, this insulation maintains a consistent indoor temperature, reducing the reliance on heating and cooling systems. This characteristic significantly enhances energy efficiency, leading to a reduction in energy consumption and substantial savings on utility bills.
  • Noise Reduction – The materials used in thermal acoustic insulation have excellent sound-absorbing properties. The noise reduction rating (NRR) curbs sound transmission within a building. This characteristic helps create a quieter indoor environment, which is especially beneficial in residential complexes, office buildings, and industrial structures where noise can be a significant issue.
  • Comfort – The ability of thermal acoustic insulation to regulate temperature and reduce noise enhances the overall comfort of indoor spaces. During winters, it traps warm air inside, while in summers, it keeps hot air out, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate regardless of external weather conditions. The sound-dampening properties contribute to a serene environment free from noise disturbances.

Is Thermal Acoustic Insulation Your Best Option?

When resolving noise and temperature concerns for your facility, thermal acoustic insulation should be your first choice! Although there are additional insulation types suited for protection against temperature or noise, separately, thermal acoustic is the only type that can protect against both. Most insulation is made of soft glass fibers and polymer adhesive, creating a highly effective spray coating usable for almost any surface. Our spray insulation products all integrate seamlessly with our fireproofing and stopping systems, providing additional protection against fire.

What Can You Expect from Bay City?

At Bay City Inc., we go above and beyond for our clients. Since 2000, Mike Nuss and his expert team of fireproofing and insulation experts have provided exceptional fire protection services for facilities throughout Texas, Florida, California and the surrounding areas. In addition to our insulation, we also provide services for cementitious fireproofing, intumescent fire-resistant materials, fire protection boards, firestopping, and moisture protection. With a focus on customer satisfaction, services and expertise, you can be confident in Bay City’s work:

  • Expertise – Our fireproofing crews have incredible experience working with all types of fire-resistant materials and protection systems. We’ve helped apply spray, paint, coat, and install various fireproofing/stopping systems for commercial buildings, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, manufacturing facilities, and more.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Because each team is a dedicated group of professionals, you get our full attention. We work tirelessly to complete your fireproofing quickly and expertly, oftentimes accelerating your project ahead of schedule.
  • Full-Service – Bay City specializes in the application of products that adhere to the construction and design guidelines stated under Division 7 for thermal and moisture protection. We provide all necessary services to ensure you meet and exceed the standards for insulation required for commercial construction.

Top-Rated Sound Reduction Products

Not only are Bay City’s services exceptional but the products we use are all produced by top-rated fire-resistant material manufacturers. And the quality of our products is no different from our insulation. We partner with manufacturers like Monoglass, the International Cellulose Corporation and Isolatek International, using products such as:

Man applying spray-on Thermal Acoustic Insulation to a wall's interiors

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