Intumescent Fire-Resistant Materials

A close up of a industrial structure's ceiling with intumescent fire-resistant materials applied

Fireproofing Made Easy Thanks to Intumescent Fire-Resistant Materials from Bay City

Protecting your facility from fire should always be a priority. Besides active protections, like fire alarms or sprinkler systems, how can you protect your business from the spread of fire and smoke damage? Thin film intumescent fire-resistant materials are the answer! And thanks to Bay City Inc., finding highly effective fireproofing products and services has never been easier. Count on Bay City for expert fireproofing installation for new construction or renovations.

What is Intumescent Fire-Resistant Material?

Intumescent fire-resistant materials represent an essential class of fireproofing products, marked by their unique ability to expand when exposed to high temperatures. This expansion forms a thick, insulating layer, or char, which safeguards the underlying structure from the detrimental effects of fire. The insulating char effectively resists and slows heat transfer, thereby maintaining the integrity and stability of the structure during a fire. Intumescent fire-resistant coatings are often used for exposed steel in architectural applications, where aesthetics matter because of their neat finish.

Why Choose Intumescent Fireproofing?

  • Thin Film – Rather than a thick fire-resistant mixture that coats your walls, ceilings and steel frames, intumescent fire-resistant materials are more similar to paint. This allows intumescent fireproofing to be used nearly anywhere in your facility, as the coatings applied are subtle in appearance, only activating upon the introduction of significant heat.
  • Limited Space – Intumescent fireproofing remains the lowest profile solution for fire protection. As such, intumescent fire-resistant materials will allow for installation in spaces with limited access.
  • Effective – The unique chemical composition of intumescent fire-resistant materials makes them incredibly effective as a passive fireproofing solution. Without exposure to heat, intumescent paints and coatings keep their appearance. However, once heated by flames, the intumescent coating will swell to create an insulating barrier between the fire and your exposed structure.

What Type of Intumescent Fireproofing Will Work Best for Your Facility?

  • Water-Based – Water-based intumescent fire-resistant materials are environmentally friendly. These coatings have low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safe to handle and apply. Contractors commonly use them indoors, considering air quality. Besides their fire-resistant properties, water-based intumescent coatings provide an aesthetically pleasing smooth finish when dry.
  • Solvent-Based – Solvent-based intumescent fire-resistant materials are highly durable and commonly used indoors and outdoors. Although they have higher VOC levels than water-based alternatives, they offer moisture resistance and withstand harsh conditions. They provide dependable fire protection in various environments, making them a preferred choice for weather-resistant industrial applications.
  • Epoxy-Based – Epoxy-based intumescent fire-resistant materials are known for their high performance. These two-component systems offer superior protection in extreme conditions, including hydrocarbon fire resistance. Epoxy-based intumescent coatings create a durable, damage-resistant surface, making them ideal for heavy industries and offshore environments.

What Can Bay City Provide for Your Facility?

Since 2000, Mike Nuss, the owner of Bay City Inc., has been dedicated to providing exceptional fireproofing and firestopping installation services for commercial facilities across Florida, Texas, California, and the surrounding areas. Mike’s team of highly skilled fireproofing professionals efficiently tackle any project, ensuring top-notch submittals and installation quality with the utmost customer satisfaction in mind. In addition to intumescent fire-resistant materials, we also provide services for thermal acoustic insulation, cementitious fireproofing, fire protection boards, firestopping, and moisture protection. From Bay City, you can expect:

  • Expertise – Our team of fireproofing experts are highly skilled professionals in their field! With a track record of collaborating with industry-leading manufacturers, we possess extensive expertise in spray applications, painting, coating, and installing diverse fireproofing and stopping systems. We cater to all commercial facilities, ensuring the utmost safety and protection.
  • Customer Attention – Our dedicated team of installers is fully committed to providing you with our undivided attention. With unwavering diligence, we ensure that your fireproofing needs are met promptly and with the utmost expertise. Our exceptional workmanship not only guarantees timely completion but also has the potential to accelerate your project, surpassing your expectations.
  • Full-Service – At Bay City, we specialize in applying products that meet the construction and design guidelines outlined in Division 7, specifically for thermal and moisture protection. We design our comprehensive services to help you meet and exceed the insulation standards required for commercial construction.

What Products Do We Use?

To guarantee effective and long-lasting fireproofing and stopping installation, Bay City Inc. only uses products designed and manufactured by leading fire-protection manufacturers. The paints, coatings and firestopping systems we implement are all top-rated, promising to keep your facility safe and protected in the event of a fire. From manufacturers like Carboline, Isolatek International, Albi, Hilti and more, we use products like:

The interior of an industrial building, which it's structural beams being recently treated with intumescent fire-resistant materials

Talk with Our Team

Intumescent fire-resistant material is your best choice for protecting your building from fire damage but keeping its aesthetic appeal! To learn more about intumescent fireproofing or additional methods for fireproofing and firestopping for your facility, call Bay City Inc. today at 408-313-4465, or email