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About Us

It’s Not Just Fireproofing- It’s Your Safety

Nothing is more crucial for commercial, residential or industrial construction than effective, long-lasting fire protection systems. With proper fireproofing, business owners and property managers can rest easy, knowing their facilities and everyone within are protected from the devastating effects of fire damage. And it all starts with the installation and application of fire-resistant sprays, coatings, boards and other materials from the fireproofing experts at Bay City Inc. To keep your clients, customers, and employees safe from fire emergencies, invest in the best fire protection systems in Texas, California and Florida, courtesy of Bay City.

How It All Started

Mike Nuss, founder and owner of Bay City Inc., got his start in contracting as a building maintenance manager. It wasn’t until 2000 that Mike’s career morphed into fire protection specialties. Now, over 20 years later, Mike and his team have become essential to commercial construction and renovation throughout Texas, Florida, California and the surrounding areas.

Why Bay City?

Bay City Inc., a leader in fire protection contracting, provides quick, effective and long-lasting service for the industries with the strictest fire safety standards. Over the years, we’ve become the go-to choice for business owners and property managers looking for experienced fireproofing, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service.

  • Dedicated Teams – At Bay City, we keep the makeup of our team focused solely on your project. We only employ expert installers and provide essential training, and have low employee turnover. Doing so ensures we can complete fireproofing jobs quickly, sometimes accelerating contractors’ project timelines.
  • Little to No Intrusion – After hiring Bay City, we are very responsive to your needs. We understand the tight deadlines contractors must adhere to, so we do our best not to impact your schedule. It will be as if your facility always had fire protection!
  • Thorough Testing and Quality Control – Our team aims to ensure your facility’s fireproofing systems align with your industry’s fire safety codes and regulations. To this end, we only use top-rated fire protection products from leading manufacturers and thoroughly QC every system before and after installation.
  • Complete Protection Services – Bay City specializes in the application of products that adhere to the construction and design guidelines stated under Division 7 for thermal and moisture protection. We provide all necessary services to ensure you meet and exceed the standards for insulation required for commercial construction.

We Partner with Leading Manufacturers!

There’s no limit to the fire protection products, materials and accessories we use to fireproof your facility. Furthermore, we only use top-rated products from leading manufacturers, promising the highest-quality, longest-lasting fire protection available in Texas, Florida and California. Some of the manufacturers we work with include:

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Protect your facility with essential fireproofing and spray insulation, specially supplied and installed by the firestopping experts at Bay City Inc. To learn more about Bay City and how we can protect your facility from fire, moisture and extreme weather conditions, call 408-313-4465. Bay City Inc. serves commercial clients throughout Texas, Florida, California, and the surrounding areas.