Cementitious Fireproofing

A construction working applying cementitious fireproofing to the walls of a commercial structure

Passive Fire Protection for Structural Steel Thanks to Cementitious Fireproofing by Bay City

If a fire were to break out at your facility, you would want to have every precaution in place to ensure the safety of your employees/customers and keep damage to a minimum. Otherwise known as passive fire protection, your facility requires a reliable system of fireproofing that prevents fire or smoke from spreading. Moreover, you need effective fireproofing to protect your building’s structure, preventing a total collapse due to fire damage. Thankfully, Bay City Inc. has the solution for your facility’s lack of passive fire protection: cementitious fireproofing! Call today to learn more.

What is Cementitious Fireproofing?

Cementitious fireproofing refers to the application of a plaster-like, cement-based product to structures, particularly steel and concrete structures, to protect them from the effects of a high-temperature fire. This type of fireproofing can withstand extreme heat, preventing a fire from weakening the structural integrity of a building. It’s typically sprayed onto the structure, forming a thick, protective layer that slows the heating rate of the steel or concrete beneath, thus buying crucial time during a fire.

Why Choose Cementitious Fireproofing?

  • Versatile – Tested and highly rated cementitious material is easy to apply to structural steel and various surfaces. Our fireproofing contractors spray cementitious coatings on the steel beams and your facility’s structural frame, applying multiple layers as needed. Best of all, spray application allows our contractors to fireproof otherwise “difficult to reach” areas of your building.
  • Affordable – With skyrocketing material costs, the expense of fireproofing materials and services is vital to consider. Thankfully, cementitious fireproofing is one of the most affordable passive fire protection methods. Cementitious coatings use affordable materials and require minimal labor to apply, lowering the cost of effective fire protection.
  • Effective – Cementitious materials prove incredibly effective when repelling fire and heat. Applying coatings to steel passivates the underlying metal, making it unreactive to extremely high temperatures. Thanks to cementitious coatings, collapse of your structure is prevented, helping ensure occupants can get out safely and overall damage is minimal.

What Type of Cementitious Fireproofing is Right for Your Facility?

  • Standard-Density – Standard-density cementitious fireproofing is the most commonly used type, offering effective fire resistance at a lower cost. It is ideal for concealed spaces like structural columns and steel beams where aesthetic appeal is not a priority. Additionally, standard-density coatings are faster and more affordable to install.
  • Medium-Density – Medium-density cementitious fireproofing is tougher and more resistant to damage and abrasion than its standard-density counterpart. Its firmer finish allows it to be used in areas subject to more wear and tear, like mechanical rooms, or unconditioned spaces with higher moisture levels, like parking garages.
  • High-Density – High-density cementitious fireproofing is designed for maximum durability and impact resistance, making it suitable for industrial settings with high activity. In addition to its superior fire protection, it can withstand harsh environmental conditions and is often used in exterior applications where fireproofing is exposed to the weather.

How Can Bay City Assist?

Since 2000, Mike Nuss, the owner of Bay City Inc., has helped provide expert fireproofing and firestopping installation for commercial facilities throughout Florida, Texas, California and the surrounding areas. With Mike’s team of fireproofing experts, they make short work of any job, ensuring quality installation and complete customer satisfaction. In addition to our cementitious fireproofing, we also provide services for thermal acoustic insulation, intumescent fire-resistant materials, fire protection boards, firestopping, and moisture protection. Business owners and contractors count on Bay City Inc. for their:

  • Expertise – Our fireproofing experts are proficient in their field! We’ve worked with leading manufacturers and have extensive experience spraying, painting, and installing fireproofing/stopping for all types of commercial facilities.
  • Customer Attention – Because each team is a dedicated group of professionals, you get our full attention. We work tirelessly to ensure your fireproofing is completed quickly and expertly, oftentimes accelerating your project ahead of schedule.
  • Full-Service – Bay City specializes in the application of products that adhere to the construction and design guidelines stated under Division 7 for thermal and moisture protection. We provide all necessary services to ensure you meet and exceed the standards for insulation required for commercial construction.

We Partner with Leading Manufacturers

To ensure we can protect your facility with effective and long-lasting fireproofing, we only use sprays, coatings and paints produced by the leading manufacturers of fireproof systems. We’ve used products from companies including GCP, Cafco, Carboline, and more. Some of the cementitious fireproofing products we’ve used include:

The interior of a industrial structure, with structure beams sprayed with cementitious fireproofing

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Guarantee highly effective fire protection for your commercial facility at an affordable price! Invest in cementitious fireproofing for your structure’s steel frame by calling Bay City Inc. today. To learn more about our services or the fireproofing and firestopping products we offer, call 408-313-4465, or email info@baycityinc.com.