Moisture Protection

Contractor hand rolling water proofing and moisture protection sealant on a concrete floor

Keep Water Damage at Bay with Moisture Protection Provided by Bay City

While protection against fire is essential for your facility, it’s only one part of what you should be protecting against. Although not as devastating or immediately dangerous as fire, water or moisture that enters your facility has the potential to cause mold growth, structural concerns, and water damage overall. For this reason, in addition to our fire protection services, Bay City Inc. supplies our clients with exceptional moisture protection. Keep your facility safe from ALL the elements, thanks to Bay City.

What is Moisture Protection?

Moisture protection is an essential aspect in the construction and maintenance of buildings to ensure longevity and durability. It involves measures taken to prevent water penetration into building structures, which could lead to damaging effects such as mold growth, structural degradation, and decreased thermal performance. Common moisture protection methods include waterproofing materials and barriers, proper drainage systems, and practical design techniques to manage water runoff. These efforts contribute not only to the structural integrity of the building but also to the comfort and health of its occupants.

Types of Moisture Protection

  • Waterproofing Membranes – These are typically rubber or plastic sheets applied to surfaces to create a water-resistant barrier.
  • Water-Resistant Paints and Coatings – These types of paint are particularly effective in frequently wet areas, such as basements and retaining walls.
  • Moisture Resistant Insulation – Used in walls, roofs, and floors to prevent moisture transfer from outside to inside the building.
  • Sealants – These are used to fill gaps and prevent water ingress at joints and intersections.
  • Vapor Barriers – Typically used in walls and roofs to prevent moisture diffusion from warm, humid areas to cooler, drier areas.
  • Damp-proof Course (DPC): A barrier, usually built into walls, to resist the passage of moisture from the ground.

Each type of protection has its strengths and applications, and often, a combination of these measures can ensure a comprehensive approach to your building’s moisture protection.

How Can Bay City Help?

Moisture protection goes hand in hand with fire protection and thermal/acoustic insulation. With help from Bay City’s expert contractors, we can provide the proper protection your facility needs to stay compliant with all local and federal safety codes and building regulations. The addition of moisture protection to Bay City’s services fulfills our goal to provide the full range of protections established in Division 7 of the Design & Construction Guidelines for the states we serve. Those additional services include thermal acoustic insulation, intumescent fire-resistant materials, fire protection boards, firestopping, and cementitious fireproofing. Rather than trusting multiple contractors to achieve total compliance and preferred safety standards, you can find everything your facility needs with one company: Bay City Inc.

A contractor applying a sealant for moisture protection to a industrial floor surface

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