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Slow the Spread of Fire with Effective Firestopping Systems Installed by Bay City

If a fire were to break out in your facility, you’d want to have every possible system in place to ensure the safety of your employees, customers or clients. However, using fire-resistant materials and coatings is only one part of effective passive fire protection. In addition to fireproofing your facility, you should implement various firestopping products and systems that slow the spread of fire. Thanks to firestopping sprays, caulking, components and accessories, you can protect your facility from severe damage and save lives. Count on Bay City Inc. for the best firestopping solutions available.

What is Firestopping?

Firestopping is a crucial component of passive fire protection, designed to prevent or slow down the spread of fire, heat, and smoke by creating barriers across openings and between fire-resistance-rated walls, floors, and ceilings. These barriers, made from various fire-resistant materials, effectively seal gaps from cable and pipe penetrations and joints in walls or doors. Firestopping increases the overall fire safety of a building and can buy precious time for occupants to evacuate in the event of a fire.

Why Invest in Firestopping?

  • Reduces Property Damage – As destructive as fire can be, firestopping can help stop the spread of fire and protect the rest of your facility. Properly installed firestopping systems keep fire and smoke contained in one area, thus keeping the damage quarantined to one room and stopping fire from impacting the entirety of your facility.
  • Enables Safer Escape – Fires are often unexpected and risk the lives of those in your facility! The faster the smoke spreads throughout your building, the more challenging safe and careful evacuation becomes. That’s why contractors trust firestopping systems to slow smoke and fire spread and give individuals inside more time to escape.
  • Keeps Fire Contained – As mentioned, firestopping systems help keep fire and smoke contained in one room or area. Doing so helps ensure emergency services and active fire protection can extinguish fires more quickly. By keeping a fire in one room, active fire protection like sprinklers or foam can completely extinguish flames without spreading fire.

What Types of Fireproofing Does Your Facility Require?

  • Through Penetrations – This type of firestopping focuses on openings or penetrations in fire-rated walls or floors caused by utility services such as pipes, ducts, or cables. The materials used here, such as intumescent sealants or mechanical devices, are designed to expand when subjected to high temperatures, effectively sealing the penetration and preventing the spread of fire and smoke from one compartment to another.
  • Protective Wraps – Protective wraps are typically used to firestop combustible items like plastic pipes. These comprise flexible, fire-resistant materials wrapped around the pipe at the penetration point, acting as a heat shield in the event of a fire. When exposed to heat, the wrap expands, squeezing the softened pipe until everyone around it is sealed, preventing fire and smoke from spreading.
  • Joints – Joint firestopping involves dealing with linear openings between or within fire-resistance-rated assemblies, such as wall-to-wall, wall-to-floor, or floor-to-floor interfaces. Joints can expand or contract with temperature fluctuations, demanding firestop systems to accommodate this movement without compromising performance. We often employ fire-resistant sealants, sprays, or gaskets for this purpose, ensuring a robust barrier against the propagation of fire and smoke.

Bay City Has You Covered!

With more than two decades of experience installing and overseeing diverse fire protection systems, Mike Nuss, the owner of Bay City Inc., leads a team of skilled firestopping experts who deliver quick and long-lasting results. Our fireproofing and protection services have earned accolades from facility managers across Florida, California, Texas, and neighboring regions. In addition to firestopping, these services include thermal acoustic insulation, intumescent fire-resistant materials, fire protection boards, cementitious fireproofing, and moisture protection. Count on Bay City to provide:·

  • Outstanding Customer Support – As a small team of fireproofing installers, we can provide our customers with the attention they deserve. Our contractors can efficiently implement fire protection solutions that are fast and non-disruptive to your facility’s operations.
  • Firestopping Experts – We have collaborated with numerous manufacturers to establish fire protection systems for various commercial, industrial, and residential complexes. Our extensive experience has made us industry experts, guaranteeing exceptional fireproofing and stopping service meant to last a lifetime.
  • Full Range of Service – Bay City specializes in the application of products that adhere to the construction and design guidelines stated under Division 7 for thermal and moisture protection. We provide all necessary services to ensure you meet and exceed the standards for insulation required for commercial construction.

What Manufacturers Do We Work With?

Bay City Inc. partners with experts in fire protection to deliver high-quality products and materials guaranteed to protect your facility from the ravages of fire damage. Our contractors are intimately familiar with various firestopping products and systems produced by companies like Hilti and 3M. When you need firestop caulk, sealant, spray, foam, composite sheets, wraps, putties, cushions, and additional accessories, Bay City can happily oblige.

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