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The Best Fireproofing Solutions for Your Industry

When it comes to building codes and construction requirements, most industries have their own rules for how to handle fire protection. Thankfully, at Bay City Inc., we have the materials and services to ensure your facility stays compliant with the unique fire codes mandated by your industry. Whether fireproofing or insulating your facility, you can count on Bay City to provide precisely what you need. Some of the industries we best serve with our fireproofing services include:

Industries We Serve

In commercial applications, fireproofing is paramount for safeguarding structures, equipment, and people against the devastating effects of fire. It involves applying fire-resistant coatings or insulations to steel structures and wall assemblies. These coatings or insulations are designed to delay the structural temperature rise, preventing it from reaching its failure point. Commercial spaces like shopping malls, restaurants, and office buildings also employ fire-resistant boards and firestop systems to reduce the spread of fire, enhancing the overall safety of the premises.

Industries We Serve

Fireproofing plays a pivotal role in safety measures in institutional industries such as hospitals, schools, and government buildings. These institutions extensively use fire-resistant materials to safeguard the infrastructure, equipment, and individuals during egress. For instance, fire-resistant coatings can protect critical areas like staircases or electrical rooms, ensuring occupants can escape and fire doesn’t impact crucial systems in your facility.

Industries We Serve

For multi-residential facilities like apartments, condominiums, and townhouses, fireproofing is necessary to ensure the safety of residents. These multi-residential structures utilize fire-resistant materials in the construction of walls, floors and superstructure, ultimately enhancing occupant safety. Fire-resistant coatings may also be applied on critical escape routes like stairwells, ensuring they remain secure and functional during a fire. Furthermore, firestopping techniques are employed to seal openings and penetrations, preventing fire and smoke from spreading across different sections of the building.

Industries We Serve

Fireproofing is integral to protecting equipment, infrastructure, and personnel in industrial sectors such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and power generation. These industries often handle combustible materials and high-heat processes that significantly increase the risk of fire. By applying fire-resistant coatings that comply with UL 1709 to structures, equipment, and storage facilities, the rate of heat absorption can be delayed, preventing premature structural failure in the event of a fire.

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